Staffing Startup Conference
Life Is A Niche’ And Then You Thrive
Annual Event 2018
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Dee Williams

Founder, Staffingpreneurs


Las Vegas, Nevada


October 25th - 27th, 2018

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Great Speakers. Collaboration. Fun.
Meet Elite Experts
Attend the next Recruitment and Staffing Startup event to join an elite group of entrepreneurs, founders, executives, VCs, investors, innovators, change agents, and sales & marketing experts who support the startup and growth of the recruitment and staffing industry.
Collaborate & Contribute
A unique experience that allows you to be both the student and the teacher as you learn and share sales, marketing, technology, candidate, client and business strategies to be a better Staffingpreneur.
Grow Your Connections
Gain more confidence, capabilities, and direction while connecting with other high-level Staffingpreneurs from around the globe.
What Are You In For?
At the Staffing Startup Conference Annual Event you'll gain access to strategy, wisdom, collaboration, contribution, and connections not available anywhere else that will exponentially grow your niche' recruitment & staffing business.
We only open up the Staffing Startup Conference Event to the public once a year and give non-members the opportunity to experience Staffingpreneurs Academy. Staffingpreneur Elite Members pay $25K per year to be in the group and gain all member benefits, including free admission into the Annual Event. The non-member tuition is $5,000-$15k per person. Seating is limited. We're expecting this event to sell out fast with a waiting list.
Event Speakers
Connect With Experts: These are just some of the experts who have attended or are scheduled to attend XYZ Events:
Stay Tuned... We Will Be Announcing In March 2018...
Expert recruitment & staffing coach and trainer, Dee Williams has placed THOUSANDS of people as a corporate, staffing and contract recruiter for companies such as: Lockheed Martin, Fannie Mae, Wipro, Incomm, Home Depot, Apple, IBM, HP, Microsoft, State Farm, Coca-Cola, WebMD, PWC, Accenture, Grady Hospital, Tampa General, etc. Dee has broken placement records working for a number of staffing agencies. Dee has also created a number of 5 & 6 figure Staffingpreneurs and personally made over 7 figures running her own niche recruitment & staffing business.

There’s nobody in the marketplace better than Dee Williams in building profitable niche recruitment & staffing businesses from the ground up – let Dee show you exactly how to do it!
"I am so grateful for the way Dee helps me put my company on track and get my life in order. While I had lowered my own expectations of myself and my future possibilities, Dee Williams was there to help me find my best avenue moving forward. I am now happily managing a successful business. I recommend Staffingpreneurs Academy wholeheartedly for anyone who is seeking help finding their own career path in the staffing and recruiting industry. Dee Williams is awesome, really!"
Constance Hammond
Focus Employment Solutions
"I just want to say thank you Dee. Prior to Dee, I had hired a Staffing Consultant Company and I have to say that I've learned so much just in Dee's 2 day boot camp then I have learned from that company in 2 years. We are now sourcing and sending submittals. All I have to say is that if YOU are not taken action after having a ROCK STAR Company like Staffingpreneurs Academy and have a ROCK STAR like Dee at your deposal then YOU need to START taken action now! Again, Dee thank you... You're the best."
Cesar Larrainza
Frontline Medical Solutions
"I was telling someone at lunch today that Dee Williams is the best part of my business. Best decision I've made so far. I love Staffingpreneurs Academy!! Mostly, I love Dee Williams. I can't wait till my agency is big enough for Dee to come and train everyone. Those days are coming!"
Lori Strubbe
Looking Glass Recruiting
"Staffingpreneurs Academy has been invaluable. If you're in the market to be a recruiter, staffing organization, consulting company, I would definitely encourage you to check out Dee, talk to her and sign up with her Academy."
Renaldo Summerset
Staffing Startup Conference
Life Is A Niche’ And Then You Thrive
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